Monthly bucket list

I have been off work with a slipped disc since February and every month is seeming the same..

Twinderelmo’s Monthly bucket list is going to be my zing this month to get some mini goals set and sorted so I don’t go insane & hopefully get me on track to my big goal of getting back to work!!

  1. Get back driving. Ok so I can’t do this myself and I have to be signed off but I’m going to do my bloody hardest to get behind the wheel!
  2. Lose weight. So I have basically been lying here rotting, feeling miserable and eating my way through the house. No more. I need to remember that excess weight isn’t going to to my spine any favours. This will be slow and steady.
  3. Increase my walking. I go for some little walks but I need to increase the distance for both body and mind benefits.
  4. Catch up with friends. I must be the most boring, depressive friend lately. I need to be more proactive and set some mates dates. I fear Twinders may think I’m not funny anymore haha
  5. Repot the plants. I know, I know, how mundane, but I have 18 lavenders, 6 Lilly’s, a fennel and a sage waiting to spread their little roots as they all look SO sad!! 
  6. Bake a birthday cake. It’s my mom’s birthday on the 18th and so I want to make her a cake as a little thankyou for all of her help.

So that’s me for this month, attainable I think!

Join in with the monthly bucket list here 

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