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Freddie is 2

It’s here already. My little tornado is a whole two years old. 

I feel like year 1-2 has flown by even faster than that first whirlwind of a year. I have barely grasped that he can walk, make small talk and lots of chat back let alone be two. Two! 

I’m sure I will do it on the eve and day of every birthday to come but thinking back to those hours in the hospital before there was any sign of him arriving, then to the day he was born and just filled our lives with such colour. I’m still happily overwhelmed by it all.

Freddie was just as overwhelmed with his second birthday, still managing a massive  nap in the middle of his day and between lovely visit from family, godparents and friends.

We had a little visit to a nearby farm, sadly it was dire weather so the larger  animals were tucked up in their shelters but the rabbits, Guinea pigs and ducks all popped over for a chat and face poke from Freddie. 

People say it all the time but I think to my self he is alredy two, then three, then five.. They really aren’t “little” little at all are they. I just want to scoop him up and preserve him but also see him learn change into the little boy he is so rapidly becoming.

You just can’t win!


  • ligurl27

    Happy Birthday Freddie! And such an AWESOME cake! I messed up my son’s 2nd birthday cake i.e. it didn’t rise properly so I just dug a hole in the middle of it and crumbled oreo bits all over to make a digger cake. Oh well! Yes it goes too quickly, doesn’t it?

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