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June is a busy month for us in the Jones household. We have lots of birthdays and Father’s Day to contend with and whilst I’m still not allowed to drive the normally easy autopilot task of nipping to the shops to grab the cards I need isn’t as easy.
This time however, I have been given a life line in sorting out cards (especially fathers day which I can sort without my husband seeing!) with the Postsnap app!

Postsnap is free on the App Store and allows you to quickly and easily add you own twist to greetings cards with photos off your mobile phone and even add filters (YAY!) and coloured, styled fonts.

I decided to choose a Father’s Day card for my hubby and a grandad card from Freddie to my dad. Luckily, i am an extreme happy snapper, so choosing a photo wasn’t an issue. I was inundated! You can also choose  photos direct form your Instagram and Facebook too!

Each card has a colour option to choose and the photos upload so quickly and unlike other customisable card apps I have used I found it easy to reposition the photos without affecting the size inadvertently.



You can then adjust with any filters you like (there are so many to choose from) and choose a colour or style from your font.




There are also a range of posting options, including back to you with a plain envelope, if like me you need a toddler to scrawl all over your pristine work for a personal touch.

It’s super value and postage prices are included in the card prices so you know exactly what your paying for your cards.

My favourite feature is the reminder service which will notify you of a birthday or event two weeks before so you can get your cards sorted! Perfect for me with everlasting baby brain.



The lovely people over st Postsnap have given my readers 15% off their orders when they use the code READYGO! So get to it people..we can’t wait for ours to arrive!




I was asked to use the Postsnap app in exchange for an honest review on two products. All words are my own.



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