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Salted caramel cocoa meringues

We are being taken over by eggs in this household. Literally held to ransom. Ever since Freddie has been egg free it’s only now I have realised we don’t need as many eggs as week used to.

Que the “using up eggs” searches on Pinterest, fighting my way through, flans, omelettes and boiled eggs I settled on a nice twist on the traditional meringue.



5 egg whites

100g caster sugar

130g icing sugar

2 teaspoons cocoa powder

For the salted caramel..

75g sugar

spalsh of milk

teaspoon butter

Salt to your taste


With a hand mixer whip the eggs (in a very clean metal bowl!) until the foamy mixture can stand in peaks. Gradually whip in the caster sugar and you will see how it takes on a glossy sheen. At this point you can gradually mix in the icing sugar where the mix becomes lighter and fluffier.


gently add the cocoa powder to the mix.

pop some greaseproof onto a baking tray and spoon on your meringues into whatever form you like! Mine were mole hills!

at this point I made my salted caramel sauce, add sugar to a saucepan and gently heat till molten. Stir in milk to loose  (it will furiously bubble!) and mix in butter. The sauce with thicken and be a deep golden brown colour. Add salt to taste.


add a small drizzle to each meringue and marble into the top of the mix with a skewer. Save some to top the meringues when cooked.

I cooked my meringues for approx and hour at 130c in a fan oven. At this point I did the tap test and the bottoms where hollow sounding. This yeilds a crunchy outside and a chewy middle.

Once cooled spoon over the warmed caramel sauce.




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