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Dairy free Oreo ice cream cheesecakes


As Freddie is going dairy free at he moment I am trying to come up with fun ideas for treats that he can have without missing out.

We have an abundance of coconut milk so I decided to have an experimental go at some coconut milk based Ice cream.



8 Oreo cookies, 2 tablespoons coconut oil

Ice cream

1/2 can coconut milk, one banana, table spoon peanut butter, 3 Oreo cookies


For the base, blitz Oreos to a “sand” texture and blend in coconut oil till it comes together. Spoon into some cupcake cases and flatten down firmly.


For the ice cream blitzs Oreos and pour in coconut milk,  banana and peanut butter. Blend till mixed and banana is blended through.

freeze and enjoy when set (1-2 hours)


this made 6 ice cream cupcakes.


3 thoughts on “Dairy free Oreo ice cream cheesecakes

  1. As a fellow CMPA mum we will definitely be trying this recipe 💗 Thankyou and hope Freddie is doing well xx


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