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DIY oatmilk

Freddie has suspected CMPA so we are currently diary free on advice from our doctor. It’s been quite up and down finding a replacement milk that suits him- we have had reactions from soy and almond.

That left us with coconut, hemp and oat. We have been mixing together shoo brough coconut milk (Koko) and oatly as Freddie wasn’t keen on the coconut taste.

After reading the ingredients oat milk is just basically, oats & water..easy enough to replicate at home and for a fraction of the price!


one mug of oats

3 or 4 mugs (same mug) of water depending on how you thick like it

optional – cinnamon, nutmeg for an aromatic kick or date purée for sweetness.


Give your mug of oats a rinse, I always do this if I make over night oats to reduce any oat goo (yes, it’s a thing) and so it’s important here as we don’t want oat goo milk!

Put you rinsed oats in a liquidiser along with your water and blitz!

our liquidiser gives quite a fine blend so I didn’t feel the need to strain the milk afterwards but feel free if you want a silkier drink. You could use a very fine sieve or muslin cloth to strain some of the oat leftovers out.

You can always add more water if you like it thinner, Freddie quite likes a thicker, creamier blend

Bottle and refrigerate, use within four days. Remeber to give our homemade oat milk as its likely to settle and separate as there are no nasties in it just oats and water!




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