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Trecco bay

To extended my 30th celebrations, have a day away for our tenth arrived say and generally get some sea air, we headed to Trecco Bay, Wales.

We stayed in a caravan (I adore a caravan holiday, reminds me of being little and having cosy evenings and cooked breakfasts!) we do normally head towards Cornwall, mostly St. Ives but last time the long journey was too much for Freddie so we stayed closer to home.

The site was impressive, definitely the biggest site I have been on, well equipped with shops, restaurant, entertainment area, crazy golf, park and splash area as well as a swimming pool. We were also very close to the beach- if I wasn’t on crutches it would have been a nice stroll to get there.

Last time we did a caravan stay it was just before Freddie was walking and so we had to talk his walker to keep his sanity..this time however he is a fully fledged toddler so had an initial mad half hour running into every room, opening the fridge, opening the freezer, choosing a bedroom…

He did settle down however, and loved the freedom of his bedroom on the same level as the living room.

We had some lucky weather days for the beach, windy at times by on a whole beautiful. Freddie loved digging the sand and stones as well as looking in the rock pools with his daddy!


We also found lots of “egg stones” on the beach which have made their way back home, every other stone Freddie found managed to be an egg stone or some other geological monster.


Myself and Rich celebrated our ten year anniversary whilst we were there, we have a lovely evening with some sparkling red wine (gorgeous) a moody sky and gorgeous sunset. Freddie spent the time finding shells wth us too. It was perfect. Really don’t know where those ten years have flown too! Couldn’t have celebrated it in a better way though.


Of course we had to have the obligatory fish and chips next to the sea whilst we were there and the day we picked was when the sea was really rough and choppy and so the smells of seaweed and salty air made my appetite wake up and it was the perfect backdrop for hot chips!


It’s lovely to get away but even nicer to be by the sea side, no matter where you go.


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