Horsing around

Freddie has an obsession with anything equine following spending time with my SILs horse Charlie (or char char as Fred calls him, and all other horses!)


Today we went to see some Shetland ponies so that Freddie could have a groom and stroke of them and hopefully a little ride.


Freddie was amazed at first, he didn’t know which horse to look at and was nipping from one to the other.



He quickly found the equipment shed and played with some of the guide ropes, before eyeing up the grooming brushes and stomping straight out to one of the Shetlands armed and ready to brush

It was so special to see him groom and talk to the horses, we did remind him to be careful a few times as he was getting right up by the ponies feet but he was very good.


However, it didn’t last.

Just before his ride he was shouting “char char” and I thought he meant the horses around him. He got more and more upset doing it, which developed into a full blown meltdown on a ride on tractor.


I took him in to calm down and get changed (he threw himself in the mud!) and he stopped crying…as he found his toy horse which he wanted to take out to the real horses all along!!


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