Cluttering hell

This weekend I decided to clean out the whole house of clutter, evidence of hoarding, little bits of “I’ll use it someday” “I need that..just incase”

Well NO MORE. Be gone, wedding tea lights, cables from godknows what, school work, old clothes, the Wii and balance board..coffee machine..computer…
Actually no. 
Couldn’t sell the Wii as the sensor is broke, no one wants the coffee machine, I can’t find the mains cable for the computer for my dad and the cables are still in a big fat tangle!
The worst part is, some of these things I had to really dig deep and decide that even though I love it for eternity, we haven’t used it in four years so make the break and get rid (the coffee machine) & surprise! no one wants the bloody thing anyway!
So now the bathroom is full of stuff for the tip run and our bedroom is a grave yard for the crap we dumped in the loft that we never used, that I got back out again, than nobody else wants anyway!
Honestly I’m exhausted just reading this.
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