April bucket list

So, April is here already…big fat wowzers!

Time for a new bucket list for the lovely link up with Twinderelmo. I did a few things off my feb list but March was a complete wash out and I didn’t even do a list! (Sorry twinder) 
I have a few random things in this one for April but hey it’s good to spice things up!
So here goes..
1) Make a baked cheesecake. Love them so much but they always seem like such a ball ache to do…  

2) Get a hair cut!! Closely followed by…

3) Stop cutting my own fringe!!!!!!!

4) Up my walking. This is a continuing one but I’m really slacking at it in any form really.

5) Make some cocktails. A fun one. So many lovely ideas across the net that I’m spoilt for choice at what to do!

A varied list I will admit, but I’m hoping the crazy mix up will keep me eager to complete it.

There is still time to link up with Twinderelmos monthly bucket list!
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