Little break

The other day we went for our first family break, just a little sun holiday, we do a lot of these and enjoy them so much, this one was superb, lovely new caravan which even had central heating!

Anyway, we stayed near a little town called Filey on the Yorkshire coast, perfect for travelling to nearby Scarborough and lovely Whitby, somewhere I have always wanted to go.
Along with the travel cot, bottles, milk, food for all of us, baby walker…we took our duvet and pillows to make it more homely..
(Green dressing gown is my security blanket and I sleep with it over my face every night)
As we were in Yorkshire I wanted home comforts and to feel snug..so my first snack was tea, toast and lovely butter

Freddie slept really well in his own room in the travel cot, much to our surprise. Saturday morning he woke up with his top two teeth breaking through and so was very delicate 

Still managed breakfast though and a game of Boo with daddy! All fun and games till we went to get ready and he smashed his head off the bedside table and a black eye promptly followed!
We headed off to Scarborough for the day for crab sambos, donuts and a winning spell in the arcade for hubby, celebrated with fizz in a seafront bar 

Freddie started feeling worse for wear with his teeth so we scuttled off back “home” to get him comfy.
The next day of course was Mother’s Day..we spent the day in Whitby, had cocktails, chips and just a nice family day.   As much as I loved Mother’s Day growing up and getting gifts for my mom, this year, weirdly as it was my first Mother’s Day, I just felt it was a bit.. commercial.. and for the day so? Maybe as Freddie gets older and can do stuff off his own back it will be different but I dunno, I didn’t think I would feel like this.. I hope that doesn’t sound greatful…but maybe it was too much in your face this year with Mother’s Day rammed down your throat? 
Anyway. Whitby was just so lovely, we will definitely be going again and explore more of its cobbled streets and salty sea air.
I managed to find Fortunes smokery, which is nestled between some houses on a windy route up s cobbled street. Literally follow your nose and you will find it! They sell probably 5 products, kippers, pate, bacon, haddock and salmon. All smoked in house and to perfection. If you do something right why change it! Well worth the visit and great prices.
We went to a lovely sea front bar, The moon and six pence, so I could have a cocktail, choosing a butterscotch Martini with a Champagne shot. It was immense!   Creamy butterscotch flavour with a passion fruit twist. They were more than happy for us to take up room in there with Freds puschair and everyone was so relaxed, a real Sunday bar.

Back home now, back to reality, cherished these days away, just us three as soon I will be back at work and things will be changing. Times going so fast and I want to bank all the special moments. The smallest thing. Like today Freddie waved at “Stick with Mick” his fave character from baby TV, we were both speechless and so so happy, over a little wave! It’s crazy.

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