Scallop starter

Tuesday was hubbys birthday and I decided to cook a nice meal.

We both love scallops so that was the starter sorted, but a little different to what we normally have (cooked with chorizo)
I choose scallops on black pudding with a pea purée and scattered smoked bacon after seeing some variants of this dish in a few restaurants with garlic brushetta and no pea purée or pea purée and no black pudding.
Both dishes had smoked bacon or panchetta, which I kept as the smokey sweet/saltyness goes really well with the scallops, in the same way chorizo works so well

It’s easy though, really just making the pea purée and assembling the cooked ingredients. 
You will need (pea purée) 
Roughly 70g of frozen petis pois per person
A medium onion
Pinch of salt
Oil for frying
-while cooking the black pudding and scallops
-Chop and fry onion till translucent
-add in frozen peas and fry gently for a couple of minutes and add salt
-cover peas with boiling water and cook away for 5 minutes 
-blend to a purée. Done.
The dish
– 3 scallops per person with corals
-3 slices of black pudding per person
-panchetta or bacon lardons for scattering

-fry black pudding on both sides till crisp, and keep want in gentle oven heat
-fry lardons and once starting to colour add scallops, with corals removed
– the scallops won’t take long, really only a few minutes on each side for some nice colouring.
-add the corals at the last minute as they will cook very quickly, turn over when they start to pop!
Building the dish
– add a heaped teaspoon of pea purée per scallop to a plate
-rest on this a peice of black pudding
-add the scallop gently on top
-scatter the lardons and add the corals 

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