Great british good festival

Yesterday we had a family trek to the lovely Ragley hall grounds for the Great British Food Festival. About an hours drive from us, neither of us had heard about the festival or the hall before!

We expected the festival to be inside the hall but it was all situated in the beautiful grounds and it was massive!

So many different suppliers..from cakes and sweet treats..

To pastries and garlic..

Lovely sausage rolls.. (Smile!!)
We got to sample to many lovley things, our favourite was a delicious pizza from Dough It Yourself who make up baking mixes for biscuits, cakes and pizzas bases so you can make you own artisan food in no time, at home.
So easy and quick to make your own tasty pizza base and add your own toppings!
There were some speciality meat stalls, selling mallards, wild boar, zebra and ostrich to name but a few..

We brought a wild boar pie and a lovley game pie from  Peter Gott at Sillfield Farm stall. Neither had an overpowering taste, I thought they may be too “gamey” but they had a pleasant meaty favour, packed with meat and lovely pie jelly.
Throughout the day there were some popular “Man vs…” Meat, heat and cake! We were at the back of the crowd for the extremely popular man vs heat with several courses of chillis, even sick buckets and paramedics on-site in case someone was poorly! As you can see it was definitely one for the spectators!
We sampled lots of food and ale throughout the day. I had smoked brisket bean and coleslaw on a brioche bun. The brisket was very tender, smoky beans added a lovely flavour and the sweet brioche complimented it very well. 
Hubby had a hot dog which had sausage from the estate on, this was also very scrummy and not too overpowering spices, just lovely pork.

We both sampled some of the lovely sweet treats from Narna’s Chocolates myself having a gooey chocolate brownie and Rich had a peanut butter fudge cake.. Both were heavenly, rich and a real treat..we could have saved some for later however we ate them regardless!! We should have really brought more!

The stalls were near a fishing pool so we sat there to enjoy a lovely pint of ale from one of the pop-up bars. 

It was an excellent day out and we found out that there is also a christmas festival that we may visit too!

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