Post baby night out..

Last night was my SILs birthday party, and my first night out since having the Fredster.

I don’t really go out much anyway but this time my going out nerves were teamed with baby worry nerves! So stressed I decided to clean the house to take my mind off it for a bit. The jitters were only solved by the hubby bringing me a bottle of IPA!
Piglet was alseep before I went out and had a boys night in with his daddy, whilst I attempted to walk in my Irregular Choice shoes (swapping for flats on the way down, and going shoeless in the resturant)
It wasn’t a late one for me, I do not deal well with hangovers, usually horizontal and vomiting all day with a headache like a wardrobe has fell on it. Im always jealous of the people who have hangovers and need a greasy fry up to rectify it, honestly I can imagine how good the salty, greasy goodness is, soaking up all of the evidence if the night before.
I did discover a new fave cocktail though..amaretto sour, literally like citrus marzipan in a glass. Slipped down like a dream!
Anyway. I’m now wide awake, Freddie is wrestling around, awake in his Moses and everytime I look at him he is laughing at me! Little bugger.

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