Currently I’m having a (basic) baking phase.

I have cracked out cakes, cupcakes, shortbread and scones…now it’s time for bread.
Crispy, moreish, comforting bread smothered with thick butter is what I’m craving. So, i’m
going to have a go a sourdough.
Sourdough is made with the use of”wild” yeast incorporated into the dough with a sourdough starter, a basic mix of equal parts of water and flour that you leave to ferment over about 5 days, whilst keeping it warm and feeding it(with more flour and water)Like a pet! The wild yeast is present in your kictchen and the original four you use for the starter, the fermentation and feeding brings it to life.
So, today is day one of my sourdough starter. Here he is, meet Ned. 
(Ned the bread)

He is currently warm and cosy on top of the fridge…ready for a feed Tomo!

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