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Catch up!

It’s been a’s a little summary of my week..

We had a spur of the moment trip to Llandudno on Freddie’s 10 weeker, it was a lovely sunny day and nothing beats the smell of sea air with a crisp pint and piping hot, salty fish and chips!!

Freddie had his injections and RotaVirius vaccine which has knocked him about a little but he is starting to settle slightly today.
I made my first mushroom and truffle rissotto with a tomato chicken roast and I will post that up later.
Very satisfying, we had left overs on the way to the beach!
I got Freddie his first pair of converse..he is just like his mommy now! Jumping on the bandwagon a bit as everybody is wearing cons these days, keeping them pristine white on the ends when ten years ago you brought a pair and immediately worked on making your hi tops look bashed and well worn by treading on the ends.

I still have my bloody migraine looming but I’m hoping it’s going to settle soon…draining the life outta me.
So yep, nice little catch festival this weekend so lots of blogs coming x

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