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I have been lucky enough to try some gorgeous products from Truffle Hunter which I will be trying out over the next few weeks. Truffle Hunter is based in the Cotswolds and have their fragrant, mystical black gold shipped over from Italy. They have a wide range of products from butters to preserved truffles making it easy to incorporate them in home cooking, a must for any foodie or home cook wanting to explore tastes. Truffles are highly prized and give an extra pizazz to special meals but I want to show you that they can be used in every day eats aswell!

First up is Cod and home made French fries with black truffle salt

Ingredients and pro points

Cut potatoes into French fries and spray with fry light, Cook at 200 degrees for 20mins or so,turning once, ensuring they are golden and crispy

Meanwhile dip cod fillet in the flour (made into a simple thick batter with water and seasoned with the truffle salt) fry on a medium heat on both sides till golden and crispy
Serve, sprinkle with black truffle salt  and whatever sauces you love!

The truffle scent isn’t overpowering but brings a lovely perfume the the cod and an extra dimension of salty flavour to the french fries. There’s nothing more everyday and samey as chips but they truffle really takes it up a level for you to feel like you are having a special meal. Gorgeous. 
For dessert I decided on a goats cheesecake, with truffle honey roasted walnuts and figs.

Ingredients and pro points

Beat together the cheese and yogurt and leave to chill in fridge
Cut pastry into a disc and cook for 15mins at 180degrees untill golden. Leave to cool,
Once cool layer on the cheesecake mix on top of the pastry. Drizzle over some warmed truffle honey.
Toast the walnuts in a dry frying pan and add some truffle honey and leave to bubble. Serve next to the cheese cake.
Whack on your fig and enjoy!

I had a baked goats cheese cake a few years back as a starter, but I just had to try it with the truffle honey and it worked so, so well. Goats cheese has an affinity with beetroot but also I feel with truffles especially with the honey sweetness. 
I will be doing lots more truffle recipes so keep posted!
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