Bank holiday blues…?

Nothing beats a bank holiday weekend..3 lie ins (not for me as it’s baby o’clock) family time and sunshine…

Not today…pouring of rain, soggy and miserable. Or is it?
I love days like these (more so if I haven’t got plans!) as it feels so wintery and time to snuggle back down under the duvet.
Freddie is currently alseep in his Moses, hubby is making bottles downstairs and I’m here in bed like a whale swathed in the duck feather duvet. I love being snug, especially when you can hear the rain and even more so when I can smell the slow cooker is on, so no need to mess about for tea later. (It’s a lovely joint of brisket on the bone, btw)
Endless cups if tea, biscuits and possibly a home made cake are required to make this the ultimate bed day. Food channels on telly and frequent naps are also in order in between baby chats and feeds.
Time for a nap now I think!

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