For 6 months or so us mummies can provide our babies with all the nutrition they need via bottle or breast…but what happens after that?

I can’t wait to wean my little one, but whole I want to do the whole make-your-own meal trick, I worry about weaning and being on the go. How?!

Weaning. Those 7 little letters can send tomato stained chills up any moms spine. Messy kids. Messy house. Stressed mom. 
How easy it is to keep milk contained in a nice easy to hold bottle or boob. Apart from the odd splatter of baby sick, mess is kept to minimum allowing a portable food source for our pink, squidgy, eating machines.
Luckily I have teamed up with Brother Max to give away a fabulous and convenient weaning kit. Featuring easy use weaning pots, 3 catch and fold bibs and an amazing leak proof weaning bowl set.
The whole kit provides easy feeding whether at home or on the go, with minimal fuss to help keep a hungry baba satisfied. 
The weaning pots are dishwasher, steraliser, microwave and freezer safe, allowing for easy cleaning and effective food preparation and storage with a natty write and wipe pen! Perfectly portion sized and able to fit in changing bags or handbags alike.
The pots join together making pouring in purées a breeze, leaving it up to you to serve straight from the pot or freeze and serve later with the pop out base.

The catch and fold bibs include a material bib suitable for catching any milk dribbles but they also clip on to the handy crumb catcher, for any rogue food morsels that may escape our mucky angels mouths!
The material bibs are machine washable and can be tumble dried, the BpA free Crumb Catcher can be folded up so crumbs can easily be discarded when on the go. 

The final part of this terrific trio is the fantastic weaning bowl set, made for at home or in the go feeding.

This non leak set, perfect for on the go alfresco lunches (cramming a meal in on a shopping trip!) means no more messy drips in the changing bags and a fabulous food divider for separate tastes or courses.

The comfortable wrap around handle helps with easy feeding for mommy or the older toddler and heat sensitive spoons prevent little burnt mouths.
The whole kit is in brightly coloured BpA free plastics meaning no more boring meals times that is fun and easy to use for busy mummies at home or on the go!
Now all you have to worry about is endless meal ideas to tantalise those little taste buds!
Make it easy on your self to win all of the above here- 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy weaning!
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