Freddie the model!

Today we travelled down to Stokeinteignhead (near Torquay) for Freddie to be snapped as a model for the Gro Company catalogue and some of their new designs. 

I was strangely nervous…even though I wasn’t the one being snapped. It wasn’t even until later when my husband said it was a good job we didn’t have any poo-namis in there that I realised things went far easier than they could have!!!

Luckily the staff from the Gro company and the photographer were so patient and welcoming that we all felt at ease..Freddie particularly liked one of the product stylists!
He looked so a angelic bless him and even after a long drive down there, he was so well behaved, smiling and yawning at (almost) all the right times and even managed a kip in the prop crib! Apart from some wriggly tootsies it was very successful!
Will be a lovely story to tell him when he is bigger and show him the photos.
Don’t think I could do it full time though..me and hubby are bloody knackered!
As is this little boy I think… 

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