Pottering by the river..

Living in Shropshire there are many scenic places to visit just a stones throw away.

Yesterday we trundled over to Bewdley. I spent so many Sundays there with my parents, so it was nice to take Freddie on a little afternoon out.
Even though it’s the River Severn and not the sea, I always feel like I’m at the sea side when scoffing a tasty dinner from the chippy on the corner next to the bridge.

We pottered up the old streets, even thought it was busy it’s still relaxing to be there. Lots of lovely old pubs with ales galore that I could have drank all afternoon! 
A visit to Bewdley isn’t complete without a least drooling in the window of Teddy Grays sweet shop! (Too many sweets to be pointed on weight watchers for me!!) when I was little I always, always had the herbal candy, so amazing and crumbly. However, my mom would never let me take it into school as she thought because it was called herbal that they would think it was a drug HAHAHA really!!!

Finally we stopped off for a lovely, naughty tea (32pro points worth!) but so Delish!

Look at that batter!!!

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