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I love aromatherapy and essential oils, so when I came across the Earth Friendly Baby product range which I was lucky enough to test out,  I was excited to try them for Freddie too.

First up we tried the uplifting and juicy Happy Mandarin Bubble Bath. With simple packaging which is easy to open, perfect for a FTM and slippery eel bath hands!
The bubble bath lathers up quickly and doesn’t take a lot to make lots of pillowy bubbles, which amaze Freddie, keeping him busy whilst I can get on with washing his grubby neck. The Aloe Vera extract keeps skin soft whilst the mandarin scent is so fruity and awakening, so I tend to use it for a morning bath or spruce up as it makes him nice and alert…not what I want for bedtime!
The second product and my favourite is the Calming Lavender Shampoo and Body Wash. I adore lavender as it is so relaxing and comforting, perfect for bubas bedtime wind down for restful sleep. The fragrance isn’t overpowering either,  subtle and calming. Freddie has quite unpredictable skin but I have found that as I don’t need to use a large amount of wash it doesn’t dry his skin or scalp so he stays nice and baby soft and also the wash will be really long lasting.
It’s so helpful too that the product is combined hair and body wash as it’s one less bottle at bath time to battle with and also saves a bit of space on the changing unit or swimming baby.
The last product that I got to try was the Soothing Chamomile Body Lotion. The lotion smells so delicate and melts gently into baby’s skin, ideal for a massage cream at bedtime. It leaves Freddie’s skin supple and moisturised but not greasy, I have used this product every day and his skin doesn’t get irritated either. 
All the products in the range are not tasted in animals and contain organic, natural extracts. There are no artificial colours or fragrances and no nasties such as SLS and parabens and all are dermatological tested for bubas delicate skin.

Lovely products that make bath time scent-sational and even mummies can use them…the lavender shampoo and body wash is a definate sleep tonic!

Disclaimer: My opinion is completely honest and based on my own experience. This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed here represent my own. All information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. 

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