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Back to Weight Watchers

Today is the day I get back to Weight Watchers to shift my baby weight! Starting off right with N-ice cream for breakfast dreamed up by the amazing Slice of slim

Which is just frozen banana blended with blueberries for 0 propoints! It’s so creamy it’s hard to believe but trust me it’s true!

Before I had Freddie I managed to loose almost 7 stone with the Weight watchers mobile app.
I love my food and hate excercise so my weight was also going to be an issue! 
Then one day when I was on placement as a student nurse, sat gorging myself crap, I just decided enough was enough and downloaded the app.
I quite enjoyed pointing all my meals and was very regimental with it and I was weighed once a week. Don’t get me wrong I had bad weeks, sometimes gaining for no reason but I always got back on the wagon.
With the plan you get 49 points over the week to have when you need to splurge or dip into, perfect for eating out etc. I used to use mine for a Saturday and have it as my cheat day, eating whatever I fancied. I loved Cheat day! Still losing weight every week made me determined. 
Here is a little before and after…


Roast lamb for dinner and I can’t wait. Here’s to a skinny week! 

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