baby growth · Growth spurt · wonder week

The wonder weeks

The past few days I have noticed Freddie seemed a bit more naggy than usual, needy, clingy and wanting more formula.

I presumed it was the heat/change in weather but accordingly he might be approaching ‘The Wonder Week- Week 5’.

According to The Wonder Weeks, The Wonder Weeks are stages in the baby’s development that can be noted by changes in behaviour or physical activity, growth spurts in and out the body.

Week Five is classified by changes in metabolism, sensations and being more alert. It may last the whole week, or a few days within that week. 

There are several more wonder weeks along the way, up until around 20 months of age where there may be a blip in baby’s behaviour and mood, being more difficult to soothe or comfort at that time.

Kind of a relief to know what’s to come/what’s wrong. Lots of extra cuddles, milk and playtime for Freddie!

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