Reveiw – Go ahead bars

Recently I was sent three varieties of Go Ahead cereal bars from Bzz agents to review.
The first bar was the Chocolate Orange Thins which have only 72 calories per thin (perfect for a chocolate crazed new mom) and are jam packed with juicy sultanas, so I could kid myself I was having a decent fruit intake.
Looking after a 4 week old baby leaves me little time to grab a proper meal, let alone sit and indulge in snack naughtiness so it seemed perfectly fitting to have mine as elevenses for as chocolate sugar hit with a cup of coffee whilst Freddie was napping for once! The biscuit layer is lovely and crunchy, however, for those who like to dunk.. WARNING very unstable after the first dunk so get in it your mouth quick to avoid coffee drowned sultanas.
I expected the thins to be cardboard dotted with sultanas but they were so moreish and just enough chocolate coating to make it feel like it was a real treat. They certainly don’t taste like they are only 72 calories…thankfully. I love orange chocolate too and it really was just like chowing down on a Terry’s Chocolate orange but without the guilt or calorie fest!
Perfect to grab when in a rush or on the go, which is just what I need these days.. 
Rating – 5/5
The next thin was Stawberry and sultana yogurt break. This time 73 calories, but unfortunately nowhere near as nice in the taste ranks. It was the same biscuit like layer with sultana and strawberry filling but with a strawberry yogurt coating, which found it quite sickly, kind if like a strawberry biscuit milkshake with sultanas for good measure, not the best when eaten as a breakfast on the go whilst doing a baby milk shop.
It still had the rich taste factor for low calories but the strawberry was very over powering. I think kids on the way to school would benefit more from these as a sweet but not so naughty treat for breakfast on the go.
Rating -2/5

The last thin was the classical flavour of the Apple Crispy Slices, tiny hints of cinnamon and apple pie flavours. 
These saw me through a night feed when I was starving and zombiefied and went down very well! Again, perfect guilt free calorie content of 57cals per slice but bursting with flavour. These have a lovely biscuit/cracker type texture as there is no coating and left me feeling like I had a proper biscuit munch for my midnight snack. 
These are a perfect all rounder for breakfast, on the go or even plonked I front of the tele with a brew, just a simple tasty treat.
Rating – 4/5

Overall, these healthy snacks are great for when you would want a biscuit/ chocolate bar and well priced for a weekly lunchbox treat, especially with the money off coupons provided by Bzzagents to tempt my friends and family!
Disclaimer: I am a BzzAgent and received free products in exchange for a review. Each opinion is my own and is not influenced in any way by any party but myself.
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