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Dr Browns Options bottles review

When we had Freddie we were very lucky in the fact that he never suffered with any problems when feeding as a baby. Therefore the bottles we choose to feed Dexter with this time around were the same as we knew they had worked for Freddie. However, Dexter soon had silent reflux flare up at…… Continue reading Dr Browns Options bottles review

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The scream of Silent Reflux

Ironic really. The grunts, whines, screams and chokes we have heard form this “silent” affliction have never been on the quiet side. In fact, even when my baby is sleeping I can still hear acid rise up his throat and him gulp it back down most nights. Dexter like his brother has cows milk protein…… Continue reading The scream of Silent Reflux

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Which Hyperemesis tips NOT to offer Princess Kate

So, the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant for the third time and suffering with her third bout of Hyperemesis Gravardium (HG). Having been there twice with both pregnancies I do completely empathise with her, it’s horrendous. There are still a few nuggets of wisdom that people like to offer which drive me up the wall…… Continue reading Which Hyperemesis tips NOT to offer Princess Kate