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  • Stuffed chicken with garlic carrot fries 5sp weight watchers flex

    Jazz up some chicken breast with this easy stuffed chicken recipe. Ingredients One chicken breast Two spring onions Some cherry tomatoes One cooked smoked bacon medallion 30g of cheddar cheese Two medium carrots Garlic granules Butterfly split the chicken breast, season with salt, pepper and garlic granules and pan fry until cooked. Whilst the chicken is cooking, cut carrots into chip shapes, I went for thin fries so they would cook quicker. Sprinkle with garlic granules and add to a hot oven you they get some nice crispy, coloured edges and then turn down. Mine took about 20 mind at 170oc. When the chicken is cooked, pop the cheese, spring…

  • Back to Weight Watchers

    Today is the day I get back to Weight Watchersย to shift my baby weight! Starting off right with N-ice cream for breakfast dreamed up by the amazingย Slice of slim Which is just frozen banana blended with blueberries for 0 propoints!ย It’s so creamy it’s hard to believe but trust me it’s true! Before I had Freddie I managed to loose almost 7 stone with the Weight watchers mobile app. I love my food and hate excercise so my weight was also going to be an issue!ย  Then one day when I was on placement as a student nurse, sat gorging myself crap, I just decided enough was enough and downloaded the…