• Tipitoes foot impression [review]

    I found pretty soon after having Freddie that the gift of choice was a hand or foot casting kit. Now, whilst they look good on the wall and impressive to imagine, the reality of creating one is not so clean. Wriggly fingers and a caggy handed Mum make for a fine mess of plaster and chaos. Please follow and like us:

  • A messy start to a week off

    My week off work has started and so today we have done some crafts. It began with painting pasta shapes and making nanny and grandad a nice picture with some bath sponges we cut up.   This escalated..        He loved every minute! Here’s to a great week off  Please follow and like us:

  • When christmas becomes real

    This year Christmas was so much more special for us as Freddie actually got excited and was completely blown away on Christmas Day.   My fave part of the day was simply when the came downstairs, gasped and said “WOW” he could not believe it!! He did get a bit overwhelmed in the day so his nap beckoned but to be hoenst it’s a massive day for any one especially rallying round numerous family members and eating everyone out of house and home   We had a big sort out just before Christmas to clear some room for more toys, thankfully we did as he was inundated! I was mostly thankful for…

  • Our first monster!

    A few weeks ago I told you how Freddie had became frightened of the dark.  Well this week he has actively asked for his bed back in his room- and slept in it. Like a dream! Back to his old sleeping habits and I can tell that he is so much more rested and happy, I’m so relieved. The other night though was a first in our house. Freddie woke shouting for us just before midnight. He was so pale, shaking uncontrollably and said “mommy big monster” I tried to hold him tight but he was shaking so much. No tears though. He told me there had been a big…