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  • Dr Browns Options bottles review

    When we had Freddie we were very lucky in the fact that he never suffered with any problems when feeding as a baby. Therefore the bottles we choose to feed Dexter with this time around were the same as we knew they had worked for Freddie. However, Dexter soon had silent reflux flare up at about 3 weeks old. He was medicated and his milk was changed to compliment his dairy allergy but he still struggled. To compensate for the acid burning his throat he would comfort feed and guzzle and gulp his milk, causing terrible trapped wind. It’s a whole other world when you have a baby who is…

  • The scream of Silent Reflux

    Ironic really. The grunts, whines, screams and chokes we have heard form this “silent” affliction have never been on the quiet side. In fact, even when my baby is sleeping I can still hear acid rise up his throat and him gulp it back down most nights. Dexter like his brother has cows milk protein allergy. We got this sorted pretty early after trying a couple of milks and thickeners. This however didn’t alleviate the constant grind of being awake from 2am onwards until breakfast time, of Dexter fighting a losing battle against his body producing acid whilst last propped on my shoulder. I felt guilty every time I fed…

  • Yoomi- making things that bit easier

    Now that I am completely bottle feeding Dexter, he has taken to only liking his milk warm, which is fine by me, it would be my preference too, to be honest! He also is better drinking it warm due to the Neocate milk he is now prescribed and the medications he has for reflux. The medications thicken his milk, so when it’s cold it can be stodgy and hard for him to drink. It is the bane of my life to warm bottles in the bottle warmer, for one it’s really noisy in our room and two it’s just such an faff about. Maybe it’s because I only really use…

  • Dairy free Oreo ice cream cheesecakes

    As Freddie is going dairy free at he moment I am trying to come up with fun ideas for treats that he can have without missing out. We have an abundance of coconut milk so I decided to have an experimental go at some coconut milk based Ice cream. Please follow and like us:

  • What do babies dream about?

    As I look at my almost 5 week old little boy, jolting and whimpering in his sleep, I wonder what do babies dream of? Is it a bIg juicy burp after ounces of milk? Is it a big snuggle from mommy and daddy, all snug up in bed? Maybe a nice dry nappy after endless pees and poos? What if they have baby nightmares? Having to wait that extra few minutes for a bottle? Cold milk straight from the fridge? Being taken out of a nice warm bath, exposed into crisp bathroom air. With the smiles my little Piglet has on his face, I know he dreams about a nice…