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  • Do you feed your toddler too much?

    The obesity crisis in Britain is always ringing in our ears and the latest survey that add to this is from The infant and toddler forum. The survey of 1000 parents showed that around 79% of kids in the 1-4 age bracket are given more than their recommended portion size for their age, especially with foods such as spaghetti bolonegse, crisps and cheese sandwiches. Please follow and like us:

  • Reveiw – Go ahead bars

    Recently I was sent three varieties of Go Ahead cereal bars from Bzz agents to review. The first bar was the Chocolate Orange Thins which have only 72 calories per thin (perfect for a chocolate crazed new mom) and are jam packed with juicy sultanas, so I could kid myself I was having a decent fruit intake. Looking after a 4 week old baby leaves me little time to grab a proper meal, let alone sit and indulge in snack naughtiness so it seemed perfectly fitting to have mine as elevenses for as chocolate sugar hit with a cup of coffee whilst Freddie was napping for once! The biscuit layer is lovely…