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  • The scream of Silent Reflux

    Ironic really. The grunts, whines, screams and chokes we have heard form this “silent” affliction have never been on the quiet side. In fact, even when my baby is sleeping I can still hear acid rise up his throat and him gulp it back down most nights. Dexter like his brother has cows milk protein allergy. We got this sorted pretty early after trying a couple of milks and thickeners. This however didn’t alleviate the constant grind of being awake from 2am onwards until breakfast time, of Dexter fighting a losing battle against his body producing acid whilst last propped on my shoulder. I felt guilty every time I fed…

  • Do you feed your toddler too much?

    The obesity crisis in Britain is always ringing in our ears and the latest survey that add to this is from The infant and toddler forum. The survey of 1000 parents showed that around 79% of kids in the 1-4 age bracket are given more than their recommended portion size for their age, especially with foods such as spaghetti bolonegse, crisps and cheese sandwiches. Please follow and like us:

  • Back to Weight Watchers

    Today is the day I get back to Weight Watchers to shift my baby weight! Starting off right with N-ice cream for breakfast dreamed up by the amazing Slice of slim Which is just frozen banana blended with blueberries for 0 propoints! It’s so creamy it’s hard to believe but trust me it’s true! Before I had Freddie I managed to loose almost 7 stone with the Weight watchers mobile app. I love my food and hate excercise so my weight was also going to be an issue!  Then one day when I was on placement as a student nurse, sat gorging myself crap, I just decided enough was enough and downloaded the…