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A new baby – #thankyoumidwives

I’m lucky in the fact that I really enjoyed both my labours. It’s something that I treasure when I think about the whole story of “them” and with Dexter’s labour in particular it seemed so familiar that I was able to zone out and trust what was coming next with each stage, I really focussed and the midwives did exaclty what they needed to do.

Of course the midwives has a big part in this and luckily for me Freddie was delivered by one of my school friends. She listened; she encouraged and she guided me to follow my body’s instinct. I was so relieved when she knocked on the door of the delivery room that morning as is just felt right for her to be there. Although she didn’t deliver Dexter, she was there be next day and still made sure we were both ok, comfortable and feeding ok, even though she was on a different unit and kept popping in! This was Verity.

When I was in labour with Dex I felt much more empowered and focussed, I knew what was coming and in my own way just wanted to work through each stage concentrating on what my body was telling me. I was left pretty much to my own devices to do this until Dex got into a big of trouble with a very low heartbeat, so I was swiftly whisked upstairs. I was worried that I had lost my chance to “be in charge” of my labour as it were but this wasn’t the case. After the monitoring procedures that needed to be done, I was encouraged to carry on as I was and I really felt a change. I knew he was close to coming and within 50 minutes, he was here!! Super fast! Lynne enabled me to take control even when the needed to be some intervention. 

Thank you Midwives for being there when I needed you but allowing me to carry on and just observing when I didn’t need you. I’m a nurse and I know the pressures of a busy ward, so busy that you simply cannot split yourself to see everyone who needs you, yet everyone DOES need you. It’s exhausting and get I’m looking after one person, I really don’t know how midwives do it looking after mom and the health of a baby. It really is an overwhelming feat and they are absolute angels.

If you have a midwife you would like to thank or your would like to find our more about the #thankyoumidwives campaign then you can by reading the link.

This is a collaborative post with information from a press release for Smart Cells.

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