Lightening the load in January

Everyone hates January don’t they. We have all over eaten, under excercised and pretty much over spent on the catch up from Christmas and the extra long wait for Payday.

I try to find the good in January, new beginnings, the faintest glimmer of lighter nights starting and for me I always try and get my finances in gear.

This month I have found a way of brightening up this dreary month by sourcing items from free stuff uk. There are LOADS of freebies that you can sign up for, from free samples to gift sets.

Each offer has a “liked” rating so you can see what other people thought too. There are even voucher codes which I love to use as a little extra money off when I’m buying something anyway.

Lots have free postage too, there are even things like “grow your own potatoes” kits to entertain the kids!

January might be dreary but you can definitely cheer yourself up!

This is a sponsored post.

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