First words

Yesterday was a special Tuesday in our house as Dex finally said his first words!

We had two in succession, Cat and Dada. Not surprising with three cats in the house, he probably thinks he is part feline himself. Cute all the same though.

Isn’t it funny how you imagine their little voices and then by the time they are Freddie’s age you wonder if there is actually a time that they don’t natter, I mean Freddie even talks in his sleep!

Fred loves that Dex can make an actual sound that is a word and now keeps making lots of suggestions that he could say next. Nuts and poo are high on the list.

They say don’t they “they will either be a walker or a talker” well I definitely don’t think he will be mobile anytime soon as he is a fraction off being the size of a blue whale calf.

Talking wise we could be on the money..if he manages not to be stuffing his face anytime soon!

What were your babies first words?

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