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Here is a quick recipe for a grab and go snack if your on Weight Watchers flex points. My down fall will be not planning ahead or being bothered to make ahead now I have the kids, but there’s really no excuse. These will be fab for me as a quick breakfast or even a picnic item!

This was literally an off the cuff decision whilst looking at the free foods combo and could easily be tweaked to your liking or add breadcrumbs or a low point coating.

These are just savoury eggs, so a minced chicken covering boiled eggs.


1 medium chicken breast

2 boiled eggs

Half a small onion

Mixed herbs

Salt and pepper

(This is literally what I had to hand so tweak away!)

  • Pop the raw chicken breast in the blender with the onion. Blitz until minced. Add seasonings and blitz again to mince through.
  • Boil eggs, cool and peel.
  • Get a top and a bottom wad of chicken mixture to shape around each egg you have. This way you can shape into a circle and not have any gaps.
  • Pop on an oven tray for about 20 mins on 160oc.


Please let me know if you adapt this with what flavours/coatings you use to inspire me!

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