Dexter is 6 months

Already Dexter has been in our lives for half a year already! Its completely surreal, it seemed crazy to imagine our family growing and now it seems crazy to think of our family without him ever being here!

It’s been a year since our pregnancy announcement. He is now larger than life eating everything in sight.

We started early weaning due to his Silent reflux and now we have switched from purees to baby led weaning, which he adores and isn’t phased by at all!

He is sitting for longer and his head control is much improved, we have also had one roll over. It hasn’t happened since and to be honest I’m amazed he managed to move his thighs to do it!

He loves grabbing his daddy’s beard, yanking my glasses off and most of all he loves his brother. He absolutely lights up when he sees him and he finds him hilarious!

Dexter’s bottom incisors are almost through but luckily they haven’t disturbed his sleep and he is still going through the night.

We are rapidly progressing with weaning down from his reflux medication and hope to be non medicated soon.

Here’s to the next six months..getting mobile!

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