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Milton solo travel steriliser

As much as I love getting away as a family, with Dexter still having bottles sterilised it’s a real pain to keep taking the steriliser with us.

We have downscaled from a large electric on to a more condensed microwave steam one, but its still annoying to cart with you as extra luggage, especially if we are just going away for the night to stay at my sisters as we do often.

Milton may have just come to the rescue with their solo travel steriliser. It’s both cold water or steam and fits one bottle at a time.

I have never, ever cold water sterilised but I gave it a go using a quarter of a Milton tablet. I love the smell of Milton solution as it smells really clean, this doesn’t even need to be rinsed off either! What I couldn’t believe is that cold water sterilising only takes 15 minutes, this is fab quick time and nowhere near the 24 hours I though go it would take!

The microwave sterilisation can take as little as two minutes depending on your microwave so if you so need a clean bottle in a hurry, you have the option to do it this way too!

Here’s my brief video on how to use.

We love the convenience of the solo, it’s also great for bunging in any of Dexter’s teething toys or dummies and have them clean and all together.

We were sent the above item in return for an honest review.

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