A lighting guide to updating your porch

We all know that first impressions count, so if you have a little bit of imagination, even on the smallest of budgets, you can transform the look of your home by updating the lighting in your porch.

Just a few small tweaks can make all the difference to the facade and this is the lighting guide you need to read before you update your exterior lighting.


Is your home more modern or traditional because this will dictate the type of lights you choose to place outside your home. Traditional home types will want to have lantern style to give off the vintage vibes, and modern homes will benefit from sleek white lights in chrome outcasts.


Again the type of bulb you choose will be dependent on the specific light you choose, a lantern light will look better with a warmer bulb, and a chrome light better with a bright white light to contrast.

But in general when it comes to choose a bulb light for your porch, you’ll want an energy efficient and long-lasting option, that’s why LED is always best. They might be a little more expensive than regular bulbs, but they last so much longer and work more efficiently too. Ideal if you’re planning to have your porch light on at all times.

Water resistant

When it comes to porch lighting you need to consider the placement and whether or not it will be covered from the weather. If not, choosing a water resistant outdoor light is imperative to ensure it works year round and for safety too. Weatherproof lighting doesn’t have to look unsightly either, there are some functional and stylish options out there to choose from.


The chances are your porch lights will be wall mounted, but if it can be think outside the box and consider placing it somewhere else to give the exterior a different look.

This can also be altered if you’re choosing single, double or more lighting in an area. Choose how many porch lights you’d like to install first and then find the right placement for them.

Motion sensor

Will you add a motion sensor to your outdoor lights? They might be a little added effort, but they can definitely be worth it, in terms of energy output. Plus, having a motion sensor light adds an extra security feature to your home. But it’s also important to note that some motion sensor lights can be set off by small animals.

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