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When I started my blog I had several ideas of what I wanted “Ready Freddie Go” to look like but I just went with the flow and never really had a look out there for what I wanted, I just made a quick one of my own.

I have been working with Logojoy to see how I got on a making my own logo. I used the premium package priced at $65. It’s a really easy set up whereby you select colours and fonts and you are given some ideas of what you might like your logo to look like.

This was great for me as I’m VERY indecisive so to have some choice suggested to me helped massively.

This is the final logo I choice ( I did change my mind once but you are able to change you mind for a limited time on the final edit)

I absolutely love it! It’s a fresh way to update your site or take inspiration for your sites next step. You can add media options for an extra cost of $9 and even customise clothing with your brand on! There are low res or high res image options too.

I really enjoyed the experience and I am super chuffed with my logo. There are SO many options to choose from but it makes things so easy and straight forward to create a professional looking product. If you want to have a go just go to Logojoy.

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