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Different interior design styles

I like to thing of the home as one big blank canvas. It’s there for the taking for you to change, colour and adapt whenever you feel. I love decorating and know I have a cycle of about 15 months where I get anxious to start again.

There are so many design style avenues you can go down and it can be a bit daunting. Rattan Direct have put together a helpful guide to Different interior design styles and how you can achieve it.

My favourites have got to be Nordic and French Country. I especially love Nordic for children’s rooms with clean crisp white walls and lovely aged floor boards all lightened with natural sunlight.

I think French Country looks so classical and timeless. It gives such a homely, cosy feel. Warm colours in the room and on the walls as well as multi use furniture really give it a comfortable feel.

In the guide there are fourteen different styles mentioned in total..fourteen! That’s a lot of different ways to give your home a new ode that when ever you feel.

Maybe you could go for Modern in the kitchen, Coastal in the bathroom, Shabby chic in the master bedroom..

The possibilities are endless!

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