I made it!

I have finally finished work! Back in January when my SPD kicked in, today seemed an age away. 

BUT..I can now relax as I have 7 weeks of annual leave before my maternity leave starts.

The last three weeks have been hellish, SPD has ramped up a notch pain wise, even though I was only on nursing triage it’s annihilated me some days and really thought I couldn’t go on. I was determined to make it however!

It’s so nice to be sat at home and not have to worry about getting Freddie ready in the mornings as well as trying to get myself ready for work, which was a days work in itself.

I genuinely feel relaxed and calm. I haven’t felt this for a while and I’m sure it will help ease my hip pain a little.

The sun will be shining, spring bulbs turning into beautiful flowers and I can spend some quality time with my boy before baby #2 graces us!

I haven’t felt this happy and relieved for a long time, happy Friday everyone!

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