Monthly bucket list

October is going to be a super long month for me and so I want to stay focused and be productive. 

My goals for this month are-

  • Sort our flooring – a small human exploded paint into our cream living room carpet and there was a leak in the kitchen. Two rooms to sort, we might not complete them but I at least want the wheels in motion! 
  • Work training – I have lots of training at work this month and as a nurse you have to get so much accredited CPD time, ready to revalidate in the next few years. I have just revalidated but I need to keep an ACTUAL record that I can refer to..not hunt high and low for dates, times and course names like last month.
  • Blinds for the kitchen – I took the curtains down to wash and the room is so much brighter..we need blinds!
  • Days out – I have a bit of time off so I need to meet up with Twiderelmo and go to some local towns for cake!
  • Anniversary – we have been married 3 years on the 19th. What to do!

A pretty eclectic mix really..plenty of food for thought though!!

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