Well, that’s it. The chapter of my twenties has closed and now I am 30. Thirty. The big three o.

Yesterday was my actual birthday and I had a low key day relaxing at home, mainly as I was broken from two days in London previously as an early celebration with my husband.

I remeber whenever I used to go out on the town, probably about 19, looking at 30yr olds thinking “they are so old to be out!” (Really) and now it’s me. I always felt like 30 was proper adult territory but to be honest I don’t feel any different. I didn’t even feel a proper adult when I had Freddie!

i look back over my twenties and yeah, I have had some awful, terrible moments, lots of peaks and troughs but also the most fabulous times that will stay with me forever and still give me pleasant memories when I think of them today. Some amazing people have gone from my life and I have welcomed some special people to stay in my life forever. My career has drastically changed, I have my own family and I no longer live with my parents.. (I am a parent..that’s weird)

I’d like a nice projection to my 40th..healthy and happy, a few more additions to our family… Return to the Maldives..sort the laundry?! Who knows. It’s nice to have some outlook and plan. Or dream.




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