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So it’s here. So quickly yet it also seems forever. You are one my boy.


It only seems two seconds ago that all I could smell was your newborn scent on your tiny little fuzzy head. Now your scooting round, always busy. Always laughing.


you have had so many gifts and cards that you are overwhelmed. I still can’t get my head around the fact that I am a mommy of a one year old- I’m overwhelmed! image

I worked hard one your cake and you approve, you love Cookie Monster and Elmo! (Not to be eaten, another little keepsake for your box of memories)

imageYou still change everyday. Something new to practise or attempt to say. Your tiny little feet are squidgy piggy toes that you love me to tickle. Your dark glossy fuzzy hair is turning into golden spun ringlets. Your appetite is insatiable!

You love Fireman Sam, the cats, saying ta, feeding the dogs.

You are so close to walking unaided. You dance to Sam by shaking your bum up and down with your knees bent.

you are a little “you” right before my eyes.


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