Smooth-ie operator

New year..new me.

The mantra everyone starts with when jan 1st comes rolling in, I wonder how many of us have given up the resolutions we had already!
I haven’t given up mine.. Which was to get a smoothie maker haha (attainable!)
I currently use my blender and pour into a glass and chug it in one, when I was at work this would be before I left house, a bit of a feat at 6.15!
With doing weight watchers, a smoothie is an easy way to fill up, get in loads of fruit and have a quick breakfast all on very little or no points…great for me! Sometimes I beef it out with oats and have a “thickie” or for little or no sleep days..peanut butter and coffee (amazing)
There is a massive fad at the moment for smoothie makers that have an on the go bottle attachment, blend and go! This would be great for me to drink when I got to work or even have when I’m out with Freddie..
but which one?
Cheaper versions that have a lower wattage, less power to crush ice effectively(drives me crazy) or the high speed versions for a lot more money?
What do you guys have? Or am I better off sticking with my blender!
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